Silverstein - Ligadura CRYO4 Gold Size 5 Metal Large

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For Saxophone Mouthpieces made of metal mouthpieces; Size: Large; Optics: Gold-plated with dotted cord; During the cryogenic treatment process, the ligature is cooled to about -185 degrees celsius, thereby changing the molecular structure of the alloy; This ligature unites the free sound of cord binding with the easy handling of a leather ligature; Handmade in USA; Including cap; Including manual with warranty registration card; Compatible with Alto Sax: Drake: Jazzi (made of rubber); Compatible with Tenor Sax: M10Fan, Otto Link: Super Tone Master; Theo Wanne: Amma, Destroyer, Gaia; fits for Lebayle Baritone Saxophone mouthpiece made of metal; Check compatibilities here:

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