Wessex - Tuba 6/4 em C TC695 Chicago-York

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Descrição do produto

The TC695 “Chicago York” is as near as we can get to a replica of the most famous tuba in the world, the great York 6/4 CC tuba as played by Gene Pokorny in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The orchestral tuba which is the sound of the modern symphony orchestral tuba to many people. Much copied in the past, but affordable to most tuba players, the new Wessex TC695 makes this great tuba available at a more reasonable price for professionals, students and amateurs alike - with no compromises to the quality or tone. Features: Bore, valves 1-3: 0.75” (19mm); Bore 4th valve: 0.79” (20mm); Bore 5th valve: 0.87” (22mm); Bell: 20” (500mm); Height: 36.5” (93cm); Weight: 23lb (10.5kg);

Detalhes do produto

  • Acabamento: Silver Plated
  • Número de Válvulas: 5
  • Material das Válvulas: Steinless Steel
  • Tamanho: 6/4

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