Wessex - Tuba TC694 Chicago-Presence em C 6/4 Silverplated

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Descrição do produto

Fully handmade and based on the Classic American 6/4 CC tuba as used in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the new “Chicago-Presence” is manufactured lightweight with new design leadpipe and 18” bell to provide more presence, improved intonation and the ease of response of a 5/4 tuba. Bore, valves 1-3: 0.75” (19mm); Bore 4th valve: 0.79” (20mm); Bore 5th valve: 0.87” (22mm); Bell: 18” (450mm); Height: 36.5” (93cm); Weight: 22lb (10kg); Based on design of original York CC as played in Chicago Symphony Orchestra with enhancements by Chuck Nickles, ex-US Army Band Europe, Entirely handmade with hand hammered bell and larger bows New designed leadpipe to improve response, Exceedingly lightweight due to the hand-made manufacturing, All nickel slides, Stainless Steel valves which are vented for smooth legato playing

Detalhes do produto

  • Acabamento: Silver Plated
  • Material das Válvulas: Steinless Steel
  • Número de Válvulas: 5
  • Tamanho: 6/4

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