Yamaha - Eufónio Bb NEO 642TS com trigger

Codigo: YEP642NEOTS


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Descrição do produto

Working together with world-renowned brass band conductor Bill Millar, our Euphonium makers started with a clean slate creating numerous prototypes, redesigning each part and component until all were convinced that the perfect brass band sound we sought had been attained. The YEP-642 euphonium delivers a tone that blends well with baritone and tenor horns. Powerful with excellent projection, it produces the tonal colour that soloists seek in an instrument. For the YEP-642TS, we added a main-tube trigger system to offer enhanced, precise pitch control.

Detalhes do produto

  • Acabamento: Silver Plated
  • Número de Válvulas: 4
  • Material da Campânula: Brass
  • Corpo: Brass

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