Adams - Trompete Bb A8 0.45 Selected Model Gold Brass



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This is one of our most interesting designs visually and without a doubt that also translates in the performance of this instrument. This horn’s greatest feature of course is the heavy threaded integral mouthpipe. This is not just a visual effect. The result of the threaded receiver makes the horn extremely efficient and centered. It feels like each note has a definite wider target area. Unlike many other model trumpets that tend to have smaller note centers as one ascends this horn continues to have the same wide target on each note. The threading also allows you to switch mouthpieces if need be (we usually recommend that you do not switch too often as these threads are quite delicate). The a8 is also the only horn in our Custom Series line that features a fully “ergonomic” valve cluster.

Detalhes do produto

  • Bore Size: Large
  • Material da Campânula: Gold Brass
  • Acabamento: Satin Laquered

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