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GUIL - Estante de Maestro AT-08 Dark-Wood

ref: GUILAT08

Conductor’s music stand with an elegant wooden desk of 54.5 x 41 x 6 cm that has 2 shelves and is angle adjustable. Specially designed to be exceptionally sturdy, to be used in orchestras or music conservatories where they are passed from person to person and have a frequent use. Folding legs and height adjustable using its pressure knob system. Quick attachment system to connect the desk to the stand to guarantee maximum stability. Wooden desk made from plywood with 6 layers and has 2 shelves. Metalwork finished in a textured, black, anti-scratch powder coating. The base is manufactured in 22 mm tubing and held together with M6 screws. The legs have rubber stoppers to prevent possible slipping. Maximum Height: 165 cm Minimum Height: 103 cm Net Weight: 4,14 kg Footprint Diameter: 76 cm Desk Dimensions: 54,5 x 41 x 6 cm Material: Steel/Wood

GEWA - Estante FX Orquestra Ebony

ref: F900720

Plegable; Conectores prisma; Metal; Pupitre desmontable; Con conectores prisma; Altura 67 - 120 cm; Superficie del pupitre 48,5 x 34 cm; Peso 3.8 kg;

GEWA - Estante FX preta

ref: F900702

Versión ligera; Largo plegado 47 cm; Altura 50 - 102 cm; Superficie del pupitre 40,5 x 20,5 cm; Peso 1,0 kg; Con funda;

GEWA - Estante Niquelada

ref: 900686

Largo plegado 49cm; Superficie rugosa; Abrazaderas con tornillos de mariposa; Altura 63-125 cm; Bandeja 46x23cm; Peso 1,4 kg;

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