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Remo - Chave afinação Quickteck

ref: REKEY

The QuickTech™ Drum Key provides the greatest number of features ever found in a drum key. Inspired by professional drum technicians who require fast, easy way to make rapid drumhead changes, the QuickTech Drum Key features an internal high pull neodymium rare earth magnet to prevent tension rods from rattling or falling. The wide contoured face provides comfortable handling with the thumb and forefinger. The extended height along with the large rubber grip knob allows for rapid spinning of the key with just two fingers. For maximum versatility, the QuickTech Drum Key also includes a hex stem for cordless drill attachment eliminating the need to change drill bits and keys.

Zildjian - chave de afinação Z-KEY


Zildjian Z-Key Drum Tuning Key, for square screws, black chrome finish

Zildjian - Compact Multi-Tool


The Zildjian Compact Multi-Tool is an on-the-go tool you'll want to keep with you all the time. It comes with a few attachments that are always useful to have on hand, built with durable steel and attached to a carabiner so you can attach it to a backpack or stick bag easily. For when you get to the gig and need to make adjustments on the fly, the multi-tool comes with a 3mm and 4mm hex wrench, a Phillips head screw driver, and a removable drum key bit so you can cover all your bases. The gold Zildjian logo and the black finish gives it a nice, professional look to accentuate the utility.

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