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jazzlab - Deflector


Working on your sound, articulation, and dynamic contrast is much easier with DEFLECTOR since you hear yourself much better. Using the DEFLECTOR is similar to playing against a wall but more direct and far more effective. Also, you can practice softer (your neighbors will thank you!). During a rehearsal or in a gig most of the time you don’t hear much of your own sound. Using the DEFLECTOR changes all that- with the DEFLECTOR your true sound come straight back to your ears, loud and clear. You hear what the listener hears, your sound.

jazzlab - Silencer


The Jazzlab silencer is made up of 3 main elements which are; the housing, insert (mute) and the couplings that can be fit together without any hassle. The couplings are marked with labels for each instrument so you can simply screw on the correct coupling to fit your needs, then all that is left to do is to attach your mouthpiece and you are ready to go. Just 5 minutes a day can transform your playing ability, without disturbing anyone around you. The Jazzlab Silencer is the must- have accessory for any aspiring woodwind player, at a very affordable price.

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