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Schagerl - Flauta Academica 901U com 2 cabeças

ref: SCHFL901U

Same as FL-901 but with a second, curved head joint for the smaller students. An authentic Instrument for the first steps, Schagerl Academica Flute FL-901. More than a starter… Good intonation, full, round tone and easy blowing are the characteristics of this flute! Also the mechanic is very strong and processed with prof. Pads!

Yamaha - Flauta Transversal YFL-272

ref: YFL272

A lip plate designed to guide beginners toward proper breath utilization, keys with carefully considered dimensions and angles for optimum balance and easy playability. These and other details are some of the reasons why Yamaha student and intermediate flutes have become bestsellers worldwide. An inimitable blend of leading technology and craftsmanship goes into each and every instrument. New refinements include pointed key arms contributing to elegant visual appeal, and a completely revised key parts manufacturing process that significantly enhances overall precision. It has open keys, offset G, e-mechanism, pointed key arms, headjoint made of nickelsilver, complete silver plated

Yamaha - Flauta transversal YFL-577H

ref: YFL577H

These flutes, meticulously hand-adjusted and test-played by experienced artisans, are more than just inexpensive versions of our professional flutes. It is very important for young students to be able to produce beautiful, flute-like tones as quickly and easily as possible. They are the flutes that will help beginners rapidly improve, while offering more advanced players excellent response and tonal qualities.

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