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Denis Wick - Surdina Cup DW5529 Trombone Tenor

ref: DW5529

Wick adjustable cup mutes are among the most versatile cup mutes available on the market today. Whether they are used in solo work, section playing, or with a microphone, the adjustable cup allows the player to create a myriad of sounds without affecting intonation. Made from high quality aluminum, this mute is a must for every brass player.

Okura - Surdina de estudo para trombone tenor preta


Surdina de estudo para trombone tenor Mantém a afinação; Material plástico; 80 gramas aproximadamente; Adapta-se à campânula; Tamanho reduzido; Cor preto;

Denis Wick - Surdina Plunger DW5511 Trombone Tenor

ref: DW5511

Ideal for jazz musicians, Wick plunger mutes are made from aluminum with hard PVC edges and a flock-sprayed interior. The design of the Wick plunger mute results in a more focused and dramatic ‘wah’ effect that is unmatched by any other maker.

Denis Wick - Surdina Straight DW5505 Trombone Tenor

ref: DW5505

Made from high purity spun aluminum, these handmade mutes blend perfectly, provide unmatched brilliance and projection, and have excellent intonation. Available in aluminum, brass or copper bottom, Denis Wick offers the most comprehensive line of straight mutes available.

Denis Wick - Surdina Tubo Extensível DW5508 Trombone Tenor

ref: DW5507

Poor intonation and projection have long been problems associated with extending tube mutes. Wick has eradicated these problems through a new design that creates a change in color without muffling the sound. Whether the stem is in, extended, or removed, these mutes produce a crisp, focused sound that projects easily.

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