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Adams - Trompete em C Custom Series C1-XL Selected Model


Our C1 trumpet was designed for the orchestral and classical soloist in mind. The C1 is slightly tighter and brighter than our C2 with a fairly directional sound shape. Wonderful projection and accuracy through an orchestra with ample core. The C1 selected model has an XL bore which provides even more richness, tonal colors, extreme dynamic control and projection. Adams Selected Model: 0.50 Brass Bell, Silver Plated, XL Bore

Vincent Bach - Trompete Stradivarius em Dó C180SL229CC "Chicago"

ref: BATRC180SL229

The Bach C180 series trumpets are the number one selling professional orchestral trumpets in the world. The C180SL229CC "Chicago" C Trumpet features a .462" large bore, special 25C mouthpipe based on Vincent Bach's original design, and a lightweight #229 one-piece hand-hammered professional bell with a classic French bead flat rim providing a quick response with outstanding projection and tone. The 1st valve thumb ring allows for easier tuning adjustment. Narrower bell to valve casing and valve casing to mouthpipe braces improve resonance. The silver-plate finish provides a controlled brilliance to the overall sound. The Chicago C trumpet is the perfect choice when you need the sound to immediately reach the back of the hall.

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